Fraser Coast Early Learning provides 74 placements for children aged from 6 weeks to 5 years.

Our Rooms and Indoor Learning Areas:

NURSERY -  6 weeks to 2 years

Our spacious Nursery provides a nurturing environment for the children to develop strong relationships with their Educators. The program reflects the routines and values of all children and their families to ensure each child's growth and progress is top priority. The Nursery incorporates a separate air conditioned and heated sleep room to ensure each child's rest time is not interrupted by the stimulation of the play area.

The Nursery children have access to their very own outdoor play environment with sand pit and slide.

Our Qualified Nursery Educators implement the Abecedarian Approch with the children as young as 6 weeks. The Abecedarian Approach is a combination of teaching and learning enrichment strategies for use in early childhood education settings that is comprised of four key elements: Learning games, Conversational reading, Language priority, and Enriched care giving. These strategies were developed for and validated in a longitudinal research study known as the Abecedarian Project. By using the Abecedarian Approach, early childhood professionals can enhance their abilities to provide stable and stimulating interactions with children by engaging them in many rich and varied adult-child interaction activities on a daily basis. The ultimate goal of this educational approach is to facilitate positive child outcomes in areas such as cognitive, social-emotional, communication, and school readiness skills.

TODDLERS -  15 months to 2.5 years

The natural light in this room permeates and highlights perfectly all the art work and creations by the Toddler children. The program reflects the current interests of the children with a focus on arts, crafts and gardening. The program encourages the children to make choices that will develop their wellbeing such as healthy choices at meal times and following hand washing and sun smart routines.

JUNIOR KINDY - 2.5 years to 3.5 years

This large room flows with a wide door onto the natural plays cape, the program takes advantage of this with the children able to make choices about their day including where their play and learning will take place. The children are encouraged to think sustainably by recycling packaging items from their lunch boxes and adding food scraps to our compost bin.

KINDERGARTEN - 3.5 years to 5 years

Our Government Funded Kindergarten Program runs from 8.30- 4.30, Monday through to Friday and follows the Queensland Kindergarten Curriculum with our Bachelor Qualified Kindergarten Teacher and Diploma Qualified Teachers Assistant. All children who will be attending Prep the follwoing year are eleigable to join our funded Kindergarten Program.

The large space offers the children varied was of learning through play, exploration and planned experiences. The program offers opportunities for each child to develop socially and cognitively in order to be ready for Prep the following year. Pre-writing, Pre-maths and communication skills are a fundamental part of the planned program each day.

We have a fully resourced kindergarten room with an Interactive white board; we also incorporate technology in our Kindergarten room to assist all children in preparation for school.



Outdoor Play & Fun

Our unique, one of a kind Barn Yard offers a variety of learning experiences for children in a natural environment. Our Barn Yard features a bird aviary, chickens and our miniture goats Miley & Nessy, which the children tend to with the help of our Education Ranger. We also have our garden world which features sustainable practices as we grow and eat our own vegetables and our children tend also to our beautiful garden bed. Our Vegetable patches and Rain Forest Walk encourage the children to nurture the environment with an emphasis on learning through exploration. 

A bike track weaves in and out of our large natural play ground where children actively explore the sprawling lawns, gardens and vegetable patches. Our sun safe yards incorporates our popular waterpark where children can explore, investigate and learn all while staying cool.

Sand play is always a popular experience for children of all ages; we have incorporated three different sand play scapes into our outdoor areas to ensure children of all ages have access. The Nursery Room boasts a separate yard with it's own sand pit and play equipment and gardens to ensure that all children are provided with fantastic outdoor learning opportunities.

Large mature trees in our yards provided cool shady spots for our daily story times and picnics.

Fraser Coast Early Learning Fraser Coast Early Learning
Fraser Coast Early Learning Fraser Coast Early Learning


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